On and Off Page SEO

Some additional aspects of our SEO practices involve image creation and backlink acquisition.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. When it comes to websites, a high-quality image or video is worth about a million. Google rewards websites that generate relevant high-quality visual content. Just as importantly, so do users. Our team will create a custom image each week that mirrors the message of your new article. This image will be used on your new page, as well as in the social media and backlink generation process.

Backlinks are basically votes. The better the website, the more powerful their vote. More votes = more trustworthy. We will work to get as many high-quality websites as possible to tell Google that your website is the source for trustworthy information on a given topic. This off-page SEO process is time-consuming, but it is vital.

Additional On and Off Page SEO practices we incorporate involve optimizing the internal workings of your site as well as maximizing its visual appeal.


On & Off Page SEO (Included In Most SEO Packages)

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